KIANAO Toys Gentle Baby Building Block Set

Gentle Baby Building Block Set

Gentle Baby Building Block Set

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With the building blocks, the small learners can let their imagination run wild and get to know many different shapes and colors. With the different shapes many different combinations can be put together. This gives your child a lot of joy. The building blocks can also be easily disassembled and retained again. So your child has a lot of fun with these building blocks for a long time.

Also promotes the creativity and motor skills of your child in a playful way.

✅ Safe and non-toxic soft rubber. BPA & formaldehyde free!

✅ Early playful education for your child.

✅ LOGICAL THINKING And the ability of the color perception, through the different properties of the 3D blocks.

✅ Formation of hearing and feeling feeling, since when they are grabbed tones.

✅ Simple mathematical invoices with addition and subtraction.

12 soft building blocks with 12 different macaron colors.

Each building block individually with 12 different numbers, animal symbols, patterns and fruit pieces.

✅ Suitable for swimming because the building blocks swim and splash water.

✅ Suitable from the age of 3 months to preschool age.

Macaron colors: Not only for children's eyes, but also for Mamis. We choose recoverable, radiant and modern Macaron colors. These are easier to recognize and ensure better perception.

Environmental Protection: Save energy and time. Following the principle of environmental protection, designers use small packaging boxes to realize environmentally friendly production.

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